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Student Testimonials

A variety of people have come through the doors at The Pole Academy LLC. Each has had their own unique personal experience and all of them have left with their degree in Strength, Beauty & Confidence! Here are a few students that have shared theirs. 

Jordan "Libra"
  • Pole 101 Student

  • Favorite Pole Swag: Cleo The Hurricane

  • Favorite Pole Trick: Scorpio

Libra: From the moment I took my first intro to pole class, I immediately fell in love with The Pole Academy. It was not just the pole fitness part that made me fall in love, but also the feeling of belonging and being part of a family. I have gained so much confidence and self-love in the few short months I have been coming to TPA. I can see my body toning up and growing stronger with each class I take. I can finally say that I love what I see when I look in the mirror. Pole fitness has become such a therapy for me. When you walk into class, you can leave the outside world and all its chaos behind and just focus on YOU. Jax and Kilo are the most amazing teachers. They work so hard to make sure every class I take is enjoyable and fun! They take their time explaining lessons and they make sure everyone achieves the goals they set forth to accomplish in class. The encouragement I receive is amazing and such a confidence booster. I get so excited when I know its class day. Joining the Pole Academy was the best decision I could have made, and it has profoundly changed my life for the absolute best.

Rapunzel: I walked in the doors of The Pole Academy not knowing what to expect, and I walked out with a new passion.  I’ve been attending TPA for about a year now, and I’m happier with my body than I’ve ever been.  Equally important, from the very first class, I felt a part of the TPA family. I’ve never been part of such a supportive, caring, loving, and encouraging community! I’ve learned so much about myself, and I literally can’t imagine my life now without pole fitness. You forget that you’re working out, because all the classes are so much fun! The instructors, Jax and Kilo, are both amazing at what they do. They make you feel so comfortable and they truly care about helping you become the best you can be. Pole fitness has become something I look forward to everyday.  It is my therapy <3 Come join the fun (and the family)! You won’t regret it!

Stephanie "Rapunzel"
  • Pole 301 Student

  • Student of the Month: February 2015

  • Favorite Pole Trick: Cocoon

  • "Most Likely To Street Pole" 2016

Jacki "Ninja"
  • Pole 201 Student

  • Favorite Pole Trick: Cross Knee Release

  • Student of the Month: April 2020

Ninja: Studying at The Pole Academy has completely changed my life for the better. I've never been a gym person, and as I got a little older, team sports weren't as fun for me. Pole dancing/fitness turned out to be the perfect way for me to stay fit, have fun, and meet a wonderful community of open-minded people. I was 36 when I started poling and I've never been stronger or felt sexier in my body than I do today. I have two pieces of advice if you're thinking about starting pole: one, DO IT, and two, DON'T WAIT. I hear a lot of people say they want to lose a bit of weight first or go to the gym and lift weights first--no! Start today. If you want to lose weight, pole will help. If you want to be strong, POLE WILL DEFINITELY HELP. Join us. We can't wait to meet you.

Ursula: I started pole in an effort to build strength and gain confidence. Traditional gyms had never been my thing but at TPA I've truly found my happy place. Everyone there is always encouraging even if they don't even know your name. The instructors are super knowledgeable and know how to make moves accessible to everyone. Joining TPA has allowed me to become a part of a wonderful pole community and I am proof that pole is for every BODY!!!

Kristin "Ursula"
  • Pole 101 Student

  • Favorite Pole Trick: Sword Spin

Kristen "Tequila"
  • Pole 201 Student

  • Favorite Pole Trick: Floating Fairy

  • Student Of The Month: Dec 2020

Tequila: I can’t speak highly enough of Jax, Kilo, and The Pole Academy! Best decision I’ve made in awhile? Coming to TPA. Dumbest decision ever? Thinking I wasn’t ‘in shape enough’ to come sooner. Four years ago I went through the most aggressive chemo possible, surgery, and 30 rounds of radiation. I was left not just physically debilitated, but mentally and emotionally as well. I spent years trying to gain back the physical strength I had, and get back into my pre-cancer shape. Nothing worked. The gym was boring, and the treatments I went through left my joints unfit for running. LITERALLY NOTHING WORKED. I had been a student at TPA very briefly before I got sick, and loved it back then, so I wanted to give it another try. I felt like I was not in shape enough and would fail miserably. I won’t lie, the first few classes were rough, but I could feel myself getting stronger with each class. I am now, after a few months, able to do things I have not been able to do in YEARS, and I get so excited to come to class. There is no such thing as ‘boring’ at TPA.  It keeps me motivated and has been the only thing that has helped me recover my strength and want to work out again. I still have a ‘wonky arm’ but Jax and Kilo help me through that and are always cognisant of my injury. And BONUS.....they put up with my stupid sense of humor and are actually even worse than I am. The whole place has a good vibe, the students are fun and encouraging, and the instructors are amazing.

K-Pac: The Pole Academy has changed my workout regimen for life, or for as long as I'm able to pole ;).  I love that every class is different, the variety of classes/workouts, the wonderful people that are all so supportive, and especially the amazing instructors who are so caring, so talented, and so amazing in every aspect. I love the feeling of nailing a move/pose that I thought would never happen.  I remember finally having the strength to climb to the top of the pole for the first time and how excited everyone was for me.  I also love being able to witness new students progress from week to week as well as sharing the passion for poling with the entire pole family.  Not only have I learned so much about myself but I have gained more confidence than I ever thought was possible.  I think I was prouder of myself making it into 201 than when I graduated from college and I can't wait to see what's to come in 201. 

Thank you Jax and Kilo for being so supportive and an inspiration to us all!!!

Katie "K-Pac"
  • Pole 301 Student

  • Favorite Pole Trick: Tulip

  • Student of the Month: Dec. 2015

Ben "Beemonada"
  • Pole 201 Student

  • Favorite Pole Trick: Star Gazer

  • Student of the Month: Nov. 2015

  • "Class Clown" 2016

Beemo: I've always struggled with my weight. I kept wanting to drop the weight but going to the gym felt like a chore. I then heard about pole fitness and stumbled across The Pole Academy. I went to my first class and was instantly hooked. Jax and Kilo are fantastic teachers, they really knows how to take the feeling of working out and turn it into a blast. Ever since I've started taking pole classes I've noticed a full body transformation. Clothes fit better and my self Confidence is way higher. The Pole Academy has made my weight loss dream start to become a reality!

Gwen: I love Jax. I been going little over a month now and I have began to see a difference. I have been toning and I havew way more upper strength than I have when I started. Jax gives us “homework” that we can do at home until we come to the next class. I really like the flexbilty of time she has. I work all day so I go after work. I have fell in love with class. I am going to keep coming as long as I can. ***Down 30lbs to date!***

Gwen C.
  • Pole 101 Student

  • Student of the Year 2013

  • Favorite Pole Trick: Back Hook Spin

Fabiana "Starburst"
  • Pole 301 Student

  • Bendy Bitch

  • Student of the Month: April 2016

Fabiana: Hi, my name is Fabiana, aka Fabi Face, aka Starburst, aka stupid cat.  I started my pole journey on December 1st 2015.  I always wanted to pole dance but never was brave enough to go to a class. For a while my horse friends and I talked about going but never had the courage.  After selling my horse and going almost a year without riding, I figured this is what grown up life is, you go to work and there’s no time for fun.  Eventually, I built up the courage to go to my first intro class, even though I knew I would probably look ridiculous because I can’t walk in heels or look sexy.  I fell in love on the first walk even though the only thing that I was doing right was pointing my toes.  After a couple of pole walks Jax came by me and asked where I got my feet from!  To my surprise, for once, my toes were welcome somewhere.  My feet never felt at home in the 18 years of riding because the toes go in the opposite direction, but I loved the sport and never thought I would find another place where I would feel so welcome.  After my first class I immediately bought a membership because I knew I wanted to go to every single class.  Quickly, I made so many forever friends, pole sisters and pole moms.  I love TPA so much and can’t wait to continue growing and mastering my degree in strength, beauty and confidence.

Poe: When I first stepped into TPA I was a hot mess. I was underweight, my life had hit rock bottom, and I could barely get myself out of bed let alone up a pole. TPA gave me more than physical strength, it gave me a family of amazing women who are always there for me, gave me my confidence back after the two roughest years of my life, and gave me back a sense of pride in myself. Jax and Kilo are amazing pole moms and I couldn't ask for better pole siblings, I can't thank everyone at TPA enough for everything they've done for me and showing me life is better upside down!

Bethany "Poe"
  • Pole 301 Student

  • "Most Unique" 2016

  • Student of the Month: July 2015

  • Favorite Pole Trick: Archer


I walked into The Pole Academy in July of 2014. I warned Jax Spencer ahead of time that although I was slender, I was not in shape at all. I had never done a push up in my life and failed PE every year of high school. I was physically weak, but more than that I was mentally weak. I just didn't know that both would be fixed when I walked through the glass doors of TPA. I couldn't hold myself up on the pole. I also only did privates because my social anxiety was too severe to be in class with a group of strangers. I watched videos of champion pole dancers and dreamed of one day just being able to go upside down. It was a dream, because in reality, I quit every hobby/passion/job/interest within a month. 

But I kept going back. Why? Why did I stick with pole when I've quit everything else? A big part was Jax. Her excitement and encouragement made me want to push myself to impress her. I started doing group classes and making friends. I was in love with everything pole. 

Yet six months in I got injured outside of TPA. I wasn't able to pole for 3 weeks. Those were some of the most trying three weeks of my life. 

That's when I realized that pole wasn't just making me physically stronger, it was making me mentally and emotionally stronger. After I came back from my injury, everyone was ahead of me. I couldn't use impressing people as a motivation, I felt defeated. That's when I finally learned to impress myself. To be proud of myself. To motivate myself. I know it's cliche to say "pole dancing saved my life", but it literally has saved my life. I can promise you I wouldn't be alive today if I hadn't walked into TPA that July afternoon. When the world is crashing around you, and you don't think you have the strength to keep going, you decide to give up. I don't give up now. I decide to pole. Seeing how far my body has come shows me that I can do anything. When I'm sad, angry, frustrated, whatever; I pole dance. I learn moves fastest when I use negative emotions to fuel my determination. How can anyone make you feel weak or bad about yourself when you can defy gravity? Nothing in life hurts as bad as the first time you learn Superman on the pole. (Kidding....sort of) 

So here's my success story: I'm alive. I went from physically weak to being able to lift my own body weight. 

But more importantly, I went from being emotionally weak to being able to survive even the worst life has to offer. 

I've never loved my body before. Now I don't even see flaws, I just see what it's capable of doing. 

Everyone can see that pole takes physical strength, but I think it's mental strength too. 

I'm so grateful that I've gained both. 

Emily "Piper"
  • Pole 301 Student

  • Student of the Month: Oct. 2014

  • "Most Changed" 2015

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